Laurie Hymes


“Laurie Hymes plays Polly beautifully. (a beautiful brunette in real life but in the show wears a strawberry blonde wig which reminds you of a young Ginger Rogers.) She is top notch in this role, showing she is a triple threat performer. Laurie gives this girl a backbone to stand up to a town full of men but also shows her feminine side when she falls in love and sings her sentiments in the poignant "Someone to Watch Over Me" and "But Not For Me" which bring tears to your eyes.”

-Tony Annicone, The Theatre Mirror, RI

"Hymes holds her own as Polly, delivering an especially memorable rendition of "Embraceable You" with her co-star.”
-Christopher Verleger, Edge Providence, RI

“Hymes brings a well-trained agility to Polly.”
-Geri Sereno, South County Independent, RI
“Laurie Hymes plays the girl with gritty determination combined with wide-eyed emotions. She’s particularly fine singing the yearning-filled Gershwin song “But Not For Me.”
-Bill Gale, WRNI Rhode Island’s NPR

Brent Di Roma and Laurie Hymes making an easy-to-root-for couple as Phil and Peggy.
-nytheatre.com, Martin Denton

Brent Di Roma and Laurie Hymes sing attractively and are perfectly period as the loving couple.
-Backstage, Erik Haagensen

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